Taking photograph, a question of style?

Yesterday, on a Nikon-talk furum, I found an intresting question about style and
photography. Is it necessary to find a personal dimension to concentrate on? In
other way, is it necessary to find an own style to become a better photographer?
In my opinion the stylistic research is necessary if we want to communicate our

personal vision by means of an image, whatever is the subject.
I would say that the “cliché” might be an excuse of the most non professional

photographers, whom don’t want to belong to a category, like sports or wedding

photographer and so on, to remain free artists.
But the point is here, to remain out of any cliché, for me, mean to find a style

tightly personal to put in every image. I think that the photographer must be

involved in the situation with the subject, we could have less objective images but

surely more personal. The refuse of a stylistic research, in my opinion, is a less

creative choice. I’m constantly in search of giving personality to my shots, to will

be able to capture better pictures and grow up as a photographer! This urge me

to bring myself into question as photographer and as a person, as though the

photography reflects my way of life.


~ by Luca on February 13, 2008.

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